US Undergraduate Schools Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity

US Undergraduate Schools Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity

Among 21,881,502 students, undergraduate schools have 19,587,095 students (89.5%). Here we analyze the undergraduate students enrollment and visualize it as graphical charts.

Full-time undergraduate students are 12,085,897 and part-time is 7,501,198. And male students are more than female undergraduate students.

As expected, white students make up large portion of graduate students with 10,182,817(55.23%). Hispanic/Latino, Black, and Asian students were followed by white students.

Table. Undergraduate School Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity
American Indian or Alaska Native148,197
Black or African American2,643,750
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander52,178
Two or more races374,039

You can see full information about us college enrollment at US College Enrollment Statistics page.

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